Stone Repairs Glasgow

Stone Repairs and Restoration in Glasgow

Our decades of stone repair understanding, experience and market expertise will leave you completely satisfied and at ease that your stone repairwork in Glasgow was carried out by professionals who have performed their work to the highest industry standards possible.

At Glasgow Stonemasons, we are 100% committed to value, excellence and quality, which has helped us build our reputation as top stone repairing experts in Glasgow – something we are truly proud of.

We understand how important it is to keep the exterior of your property adequately protected from weather elements and general wear and tear. With repairs and maintenance work carried out on time, you can ensure that your property’s market value is upheld over the years – in fact, in some cases, it might even go up, especially when you pay extra attention to preserving the original design and character of your building.

Why Work with Us as Your Stone Repair Glasgow Specialist?

For every stone building restoration project, our team tap into their decades-long experience and skill set acquired from working hundreds to thousands of restoration jobs, repairing and replacing defective masonry

They will perform an extensive initial survey for free and advise you on the most feasible approach to repairing your stone wall or building.
When it comes to stone repairs and restoration in Glasgow, we generally follow one of the two approaches:

Stone Repairs Glasgow Glasgow Masonry
Stone Repairs Glasgow Glasgow Masonry

Stone Repairs Lithomex

Using a specially formulated stone-coloured repair mortar called Lithomex, we’ll chip back eroded or damaged elements from your building until good-quality stone is exposed. We’ll insert stainless steel fixings afterward which ensures that all repairwork holds together with the stone for decades to come.

Lithomex is then applied in layers to form the desired profile. Once the lime mortar repair is set properly, we rub it down with abrasive blocks which helps us achieve the desired outcome. We point the repair with a lime mortar, making the stone structure of your building absolutely immaculate. Lithomex repairs can effectively increase the lifespan of your building by a good 10-15 years.

Stone Repairs Glasgow Glasgow Masonry

Stone Cutting and Replacement

With certain projects, it is best to replace damaged stone pieces with identical ones. Our stonemasons will get to work, taking templates of the stone that’s to be replaced. They will find a source stone that closely and faithfully matches the original in terms of texture and color. The new stone will then be shaped and dressed to match the replacement one.

Once the new stone has been fitted into place, it is pointed using lime mortar and cleaned off properly to provide for a nice and even finish. No matter what your stone repair or stone restoration needs, we can help. Contact us today to discuss project details and get a free quote as well.