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Lime Mortar Pointing Expert

At Glasgow Stonemasons, stone lime pointing and brick lime pointing is a part of our daily routine stonework.
Lime mortar repointing is necessary for a traditional sandstone structure so that it can “breathe” properly and control moisture movement within. This ensures that no cementitious mortar resides in the joints or beds of any masonry work within the structure.

Protecting the visual aesthetic of your building’s brickwork is just as important as protecting its structural integrity. To date, we have maintained a number of historic buildings, walls and chimneys using stone lime repointing and brick lime repointing.

A large portion of Glasgow buildings were constructed more than half a century ago and used lime mortars in construction and finishing –
which often boast key advantages over a modern cement construction.

Why Choose Us as
Your Lime Mortar
Repointing Specialist?

By having your property restored with the best quality and most reliable lime mortar available, you can easily extend your building’s life by 20 years or more. Using the correct lime mortar ensures that your building is adequately protected for years to come.

If there’s any hint at all that your building needs professional intervention to keep the stones from shifting or falling, our lime mortar pointing experts can provide the most unbiased advice to help you prolong your building’s life, while keeping in line of your budget and timeframe.

At Glasgow Stonemasons, we carry out all lime mortar repointing work using traditional methods and the most robust lime mortars –
leaving your building not only ultra-durable but giving it a refined and immaculate finish.

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